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Here is some of my personal work. Please before I really have to say that before you favorite please comment about it or I zap thee:evillaugh:
So please enjoy yourself:sing:

People that draw charcters or me

What people have drawn characters for me. :D


Here is some pretty awesome pieces of art I found going down in deviantart lately so come and take a look at these pretty cool works of other artists work!!!


Ebonii Unleashed Page 02 by Wrenzephyr2

This is a very good piece of work. It allowed a character to shine like Ebonii. It is priginal being that you don't so much changes to ...


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Doing a TG War design, but what do you think Sebastian should carry on to battle? 

5 deviants said The wonderful M16…
4 deviants said The Angry AK-47…
3 deviants said the no nonsense M-14…
3 deviants said the Mad MP-40…
2 deviants said Or something else, comment to tell me



Blood Letting

“Oh man, I finally got everything together!” A young man with long hair, a tall, lanky body and a face only a mother can love. He wears the guise of a long black outfit and glasses larger than the hope diamond. It is even thicker than the hope diamond. He had a wide laugh as around his room lay posters of comic characters and anime characters. He had a friend that would take his ‘nerdiness’. She was Berry the American Pit Bull Terrier, who only panted.

For Alex Tanizaki, his Japanese/Navajo ass could not ‘fit in’. He was the ultimate nerd. Hell, he didn’t have many friends due to his…enthusiastic nature. His passions overran his social life. The Pitbull looking at him was one his only real friends.

Nonetheless, Alex took a long black box, “Well Berry don’t worry about me. I have a beautiful thing I got after doing some gunrunners HW.” He opened a box to show a kitsune mask and a Black Ak-47 rifle. “I got the right equipment on me, so I will be safe.” He then did a fist bump in the air, “Besides today I will be a hero for the first time.”

The dog whined a bit as if she sensed something wrong will happen tonight. She whimpered as she looked at her young master walking away. To her, he was already a hero. He took her out of a dogfighting arena and had rehabilitated her to a status of a good dog. She looked up to Alex begging him not to go.

Alex saw his dogs’ eyes pat her head “Hey Berry I will be alright. Besides, I will be back with your favorite snack. Just watch the house for me.” He then gave his canine a final stomach rub to try to calm down his dog. He then said, “See you in a few hours Berry.”

Alex walks out of his door smiling a bit. He was actually going to be a hero. He lived in a world that only a nerd could love. His family was all comic geeks and science nerds. His father David Tanizaki was a significant authority in weapon technology. His mother a pioneer in Medical Sciences. Heck, even his half-sister Miyuki is even a robotic scientist. That’s a lot to live up to.

He walked down the steps, and there were pictures of his family about and even some with him on it. He wore both a Japanese men’s Kimono and a Navajo traditional outfit. People told him that he liked handsome both of the pictures. People had said he should try to make himself more presentable more often to get a girlfriend. Other than that there are more or less memorabilia. that was a mix of Navajo and even Japanese Samurai stories, scrolls and painting laid about the area.

Alex whistled on through an anime’ tune as he then grabs his final piece of equipment. A Taisho Bokkuto. “Alright, it’s time to boogie!” He ran out with a smile.

This time, he is going to a particular factory, known as Turbo TECH. It was a major employer in the city of Dream Haven. But also according to some reports he was able to get in some all night game plays. He was able to do a lot of shady weapon and chemical dealings. He wanted to stop that. He trained ever since a little kid in Samurai swords, but he was lackluster at best. Even his Karate was Blue belt at the most. Though he did go to an unrecognized militia “The Long Arm Militia” to train at the AK-47. Still he was…average.

It didn’t scare Alex though. He felt he was ready for everything. He was going to be a hero. He has to be one! It was his dream, and he will do it!

Alex stopped running in a large building. It was large, slick and advanced looking. It was a brilliant addition to the streets as if it was inviting. But another sense of the building that it was hiding something strange and compelling. “Well then if it’s not going to tell me its secret. I am going to sneak in.”  

Alex walked around the perimeter. This time, after months of planning he walks by the defensives and sneaks in without a problem. Though it helps that he made signal jammers that covered his entry. He smiled a bit entering the building. The strange part that it was far too easy….like it was on purpose.

Alex looked around the building. He then said out loud, “Alright. Now to find what’s going on here.”

As he walked around the area, it was too silent. “Alright, no one here.” He looked around and was ready to fight at any moment. Then he felt a large thud on the back of his head…then he blacked out.

After a time, Alex woke up, and he was tied to a steel beam. He saw some scientists discussing something behind him. Alex had a laugh “God damn that was something else.” He looked around and then looked down at the vat of some sort of blood red liquid. He yelled out, “What the fuck!” He tried to free himself but failed. Then…the machine moved him down to the liquid, and he was dipped into the vat.

Alex yelled but couldn’t help but be forced to be dipped into the vat. As he is slipped in there is a silence over time. Despite his screams, there was no one there to hear him. For a moment, he tried to keep up hope. As he closed his eyes…he had listened to a voice.

The voice spoke in the ears of Alex, “Hello one who is about to die. I can sense your will. I can sense your wants. I can sense your hopes and dreams. I can sense your will to live.” The voice giggled in a joyful manner, “I can help with that. You gotta trust me.”

Alex replied “Why? Who are you? Are you an Angel?”

The Voice smiled, “Why yes I am. I am called Blood…an angel of death. But I don’t plan to take your life. In fact, you intrigue me. You want to be a hero. You want to be someone. Kid, I give my power to those that cause the most disorder. But they often fail me. They are so one dimensional those villains. But a hero had such will to come out here despite being lackluster.”

Alex felt himself smile a bit, “I know. I was pretty stupid, and now I am going to do. But I don’t want to die…I want to complete my goal. I want to be a hero.”

Blood then did a whisper that would shake the life of Alex, “I can help with that kid. I can help you. But you have to allow me to bend your body and allow me to do what I need to do. So I can make your body powerful. I can give you access to my power. I can maximize your abilities over time. But you have to do my will. If you don’t. I can’t save you, and you will drown.”

Alex replied in his mind, “It doesn’t seem I don’t have a choice. Guess I should’ve paid attention to Cherry.” He then sighed “Well then I want to see the next anime’ series when I get back home. So how about it, I am going to trust you. Do what you will to me.”

Blood laughed a bit “You are a good kid. Stupid. But you are still a kid.”

The liquid of the vat started to revolve around Alex blinding him for a moment. There were shocked surprises from the outside of the vat. Where they see liquid in the tank surrounding Alex. Then drain down as if it were being absorbed by something.

A figure then jumped from the tank. It was a woman with red hair, brown skin and blood red eyes. She had eyes that were a mix of some sort of Indian and Asian. To be all honest she was sexy as all hell with an hourglass body big breasts and some would argue a nice behind. But then her eyes open…they were inhuman. There was red irises and a pink. Her sclera was black. Then she smiled, “Oh yeah baby I…feel good.” She touched the curves of her naked body and smiled as if she had gone mad.

A security officer yelled, “What the fuck did the screw jobs create.”

Another officer said “I don’t know! I bet they fled the coop already! Open fire!”

The officers shot at…the girl a red substance surrounded her and hardened. It stopped the bullets in its place. But the woman said, “my name is…Al….no it’s Blood Arc!” Then blood then changed shape again as it went over and grabbed every security guard in the building.

Then Alex or rather Blood Arc began to strangle them all, and they all dropped their rifles. She then laughed as she felt their lives start to be sapped. Many of them loose conscious “Oh my I read all your thoughts. Special-Ops, SAS and other groups. You should have been fucking badass instead you are being murdered by me!”

Alex laughed like a monster then her eyes became human. She then calmed down and let go of the security guards. “What am I doing?” She looked at her hands and said “I never thought I say this…. God, what am I doing?”

Blood then whispered in the back of her ears, “Your gift…my gift to you. You are going to gain my powers. I increased your abilities after scanning your mind in this time of madness. You are not much more efficient in your sword arts and had to hand. For rifle techniques, I can’t do everything for you.” She had a laugh “We are going to have a lot of fun.”

Alex walked out with her new body. Her eyes returned to normal but with the red irises. She then saw her clothes and equipment and grabbed it. She put on her clothes in a quick manner “Oh crap these are far too baggy! But I can’t help to say I like this body. Though the clothes are hell!”

Blood sighed as then a force came over her clothes “Calm down. I got this, we are partners in this now. Forever.”

Alex’s clothes became smaller and shaped to the form of her new body. Her mask disappeared, and her weaponry came back on her back. This time both designed to a more fashionable style. But the sword changed from a Bokkuto to that of an actual sword, “Wow…this is awesome!”

Blood has a laugh “Oh it will be awesome. It will be. But for now, we must prepare you. For your debut.”

Alex looked over as she walked out of the building “Wait why do you need me anyway? I mean you could’ve picked any other asshole. Why me?”

Blood whispered to Alex, “I need a body child. I can’t use my powers if I am in a vat of liquid. I need something solid. Something genuine to use it. I could’ve killed you in the tank and took your blood as a part of my endless blood line of memory. So kid I am an Angel of Death. Let's say I am a big deal, and you contrast my…blood lust. By your purity so you are the perfect person to use my power.”

Alex finally walked out in the street and gulped. She knew what this meant, “So I am a puppet? I can’t use this power all the time?”

Blood laughed so loud that Alex’s ears were ringing “Oh of course not! You are not ready yet! That’s why I improved your skills in fighting! I need you to scout first before you can access my power. I allow you to exist. If I wanted to, I could have made you into a vegetable".

Alex gulped a bit as she twirled her new sword like a professional, “Geez you aren’t killing aren’t you?” She then had a small laugh as she then sat on a bench, “Well hey if it continues my hero career I think we can work together. Also, I love this body. Its sexy and it's going to be easy to cosplay in.”

Blood then said, “Good this might be a good partnership after all”.

Alex and Blood said at the same time, “We will both be good partners.”

Blood Letting End.  

Dream Haven: Blood Letting
Well here is my first first submission to Dream Haven. Well this is the introduction of a new hero that we can all root for and love, Blood Arc. For we see a nerd try to do good and suddenly gaining superhuman powers! Sounds good, yes? Well I hope you enjoy the read. Her world is :icondream-havenda: 

Welcome home


Months ago an Esau had wielded a rifle in his hand. He had sighed as the dreams had come back to him again. His dreams he had seen a little girl in boys clothing. She had long curly hair and had always had a disheveled look to her face. Always the same thing, “Why won’t you recognize me! I am you. I am here to tell you that I am you.”


Esau remembered in his dreams that he had always denied it, “No. You are not. You are a demon. A demon trying to manipulate me and to change me to what I am not! I am a man! I am who I am! Now go away from me!”


The girl looked at him, this time, her eyes softened to become something that was soft and kind. “You can’t escape me…since you can’t escape what you are, we are going to deal with our situation soon.” Then the dream had ended.


Esau had woken up from the nightmare. He ran to the bathroom and washed his face. He took a breath and said “Damn it. It’s that dream again.” He looked at himself in the window and still seen himself. As he closed his eyes, he then heard a noise ‘peek a boo.' He clenched a fist and turned behind him, “Who is that?” He then looked at him and seen nothing, “Dammit. Must be the residual voices of that nightmare.”


Esau got out of the room and took his rifle. He went to the firing range and took some ammunition with him. His thoughts came to his mind. He wasn’t complaining or anything. Nor did he whine. He said “Damn, why did this thought of some little girl say that she was me come again?” He seemed to be disturbed by this vision this thought.


Esau thought on what the little girl had told him that he was a ‘girl’ inside. A part of this was ‘bullshit’ to him. Another one said that ‘there was truth in it.' Though Esau would never admit to the part that was trying to talk about the honesty in that part of his emotions. Life never been fair to Esau and he was finally okay with that situation.


 Esau had a calm smile when he entered the firing range. He always found peace at the range. He put a clip in the chamber. “Time to fire off a round.” With a bang, Esau hit his target. He tried to breathe, the same exercises his master Lee Sun-Sin had taught him.


He tried to focus his strength on his shot. With another shot, it hit in the middle again. Still that dream, that fear he felt. Could he be afraid of the truth? He sighed as he looked down and told to his lord, “Oh Lord. I am scared. Why am I so afraid of this dream?” The scary part to him was that the girl resembled him…or rather Elsa. He sometimes had some urges he had to keep inside. He was taught to be a man that could hold his own all his life. In times of his life. He saw himself as a woman and wanted to indulge himself in the things associated with that gender. He had to suppress such feelings, and he was successful for many years. Then the Toram Mal’s event came.


Esau thought it was a means of evil to make him a wife of a god. Yeah, it was fucked up. But then there was some sort of truth that had awakened within him. Could she face the truth that he or rather she preferred to be Elsa? What would he lose? Would he have lost his family? Or rather everything? No. This is just a thought. But sometimes as he did train as Elsa, it had felt right. There was a certain peace to it all. He sighed, “I guess I feel peace as Elsa, but then it could be the exercises as well.” He had a laugh “It must be just a silly dream. Another silly nightmare.”


He fell back asleep and then another dream came to mind. This time, he dreamt of being Elsa, “The heck? Why am I in my girl form?” She looked around and seen an area of calm colors around her. She looked down and seen she was in a flowing rug dress, “Well I can’t deny that this doesn’t look good.” Elsa sighed as she looked around this area. It was another one of the recurring dreams. The one where she had followed a path to a pool of water in a mesa. “Well let me walk through this place.”


Elsa walked through the place. She knew she was going to walk in the same ranch again and seen the same small girl again. Usually, she would try to run away but this time, she sat down, “It’s you again. Here to scare the living daylights out of me?”


The Small girl shook her head, “No. You know what I want to say. I just see why you can’t accept me. I am the representation of your soul. The side you refuse to understand.” She looked down.


Elsa took a deep look at the girl’s face. She had a pathetic look to her as if she had been trying to tell someone but the person she wanted to say to wouldn’t listen. Then he looked closer and then said “If you are, how do you know that you are not a ghost? That you are not a ghost of some lost long person of the past.”


The Girl smiled and drew the line in the sand, “Well I wish to say I was.” She noticed then that Elsa had a piece of her like glass fell off her face, “But then we are one.” She smiled and in a second the small girl became that of Elsa or rather a more grown up variant. “You need to accept me, Elsa.” She sighed and looked down “Our existence as we are is not a mistake. You…are me.”


Elsa looked at the woman, she was a build of a hero, tall, majestic. There were an energy about her with her curly hair, deep brown eyes, and curves. Elsa then realized something, she looked almost like her mother. “You look like my Shima.'”


The Girl pats Elsa’s back, “Well, of course, we are our mother’s daughter”. She then looked over at the distance and seen a man sitting down.


Elsa asked as she stared at him, “Who is that?”


The Girl smiled as if she had a joyful smile, “Well that is you. Since you ignored me and denied my existence, you could not grow. You avoided your fate and destiny. Have you ever questioned why you didn’t always feel complete? How you always felt like you were alone?” 


Elsa gulped and said “No…I…” Elsa didn’t want to say anything. She felt something had shaken her core. She then said, “Wait!”


Then the next moment Elsa or rather Esau wakes up. He was sweating buckets. “What the hell was that about?” He got up and looked in a mirror, he was still himself, still good old’ Esau. He looked at his face, and there was a tear going down his face, “Why am I crying?”.


Esau sighed and wiped away a tear, “Lord help me.” He went to his prayer corner, something that was left of him from his days as an Orthodox Christian. He went over to do his daily prayers to St. George and St. Joan of Arc for protection. He then asked the saints of why he had these dreams and why the one last night the most real. Did it speak the truth or did it tell him lies?


Then there is a quote that is ringing in his mind now. “Dreams are more real than reality itself, they're closer to the self.”


Esau wondered if that girl was his true self. Unlike other times the dream came to him, this one felt so real. So truthful. No matter how honest he must continue his path.


He went to his rifle rack and found his favorite rifle. It was the M-1 Garand. He liked this weapon, light recoil, ammo is available. He liked that it was a numerable of 2, with 2x 2x2 equals 8 and divide that it makes a sacred number. The four sacred directions. “Well then let me get to the training. At least it is my only place of respite.”


Esau still didn’t understand his path, who at his age did? He was a bit down as of late. Sarah Greywolf and Esau had broken up last week. At least they had decided to stay friends. For some reason or another, he was not too sad about the relationship. If he then he wouldn’t, let go. Though he loved Sarah, he found out that he was not in love with her. He had seen her as an older sister. As Elsa, the sentiments did not see any attraction in Sara, but there was still an attachment. Esau cared for her then after he had seen her for the breakup. They haven’t seen each other for a long while. Maybe it was for the best, Esau was 18 years old, she was 24. He never thought it would last.


For now, it was Esau had to go and go on a patrol with his friends. He still remembered that dream. The real dream. He wrote it down in a journal he usually carried with him. About his dreams. After imputing the odd dream, he put the journal in his bag. “Well then…I wonder if it is right.” One side of him still found the dream to be disturbing. Another part of him found that dream comfortable. Something that would embrace the dream “Lord maybe if it were another time.”


Esau with his rifle finally comes into the meeting area. Seems he is early. He sat down and waited and waited. “Damn, where is everyone? I want to get to work!” One thing that never changes is that fact that Esau had never given himself a break. Sometimes he had worked so long and hard it had brought him to near exhaustion. For once Esau laid back on a chair with his Garand at hand “Man…now what?”


A demanding voice then says, “You finally take a rest.” It was Maddie, the woman with flaming red hair with a white stripe and a nuclear heart.


Esau got up and said “Hey, I don’t want to rest. I need to work.” He had a cocky smile “I even got my Garand ready with its smart bullets ready to go.” He winked at Maddie, “It will shock the enemy.”


Maddie crossed her arms and smiled “Well you are sure positive today. But your mission today stands. Also, I need you to go and visit a detective agency in the West End. It is headed by an old friend of mines.”


Esau took his rifle and stood up. He tilted his head looking curious “Oh that seems…normal.”


Maddie then gave him a set of directions, “Well one of my friends Tara Genovese. She is starting up a detective agency in the West End and needs a secretary to begin things out. I hope that you have the proper office skills. She didn’t mind if you bring your Garand. But all she says about that is no firing in the office without her permission.”


Esau nodded “Of course Ms. Maddie. I will be there within an hour.”


Maddie becomes more concerned, “Just be careful. You don’t have a team with you, and as you know, villains will come at any time. I know you say that you are experienced but one wrong move, and I don’t know what I would do if you got hurt.” She put her fists on her side to make sure Esau got the message.


Esau nodded as he then picked up his rifle and grabbed some ammo with him. “Well, Maddie I guess I got a walk.”


Maddie biffed him in the head, “You may be smart, but I swear you can be dumb as all heck.” She patted Esau’s head, “Just take your car. It will look less suspicious and will be shown in a positive light? Is that understood Esau?”


Esau nodded and saluted ‘Rodger!” He walked out with a lot of energy to him. He is finally going to do some work.  He sang as he went to his car and set his GPS on his cell phone to an area in Downtown Angel Falls. He reached the “Angel Falls Help Organization”. He looked at it and despite the name it was a help organization called “Helping Every Living Person.”


The shop was targeted for hate crimes and required someone just to watch it over for a day. Esau yawned and knocked the door saying to himself, “Damn if it was just a watch job, I should’ve just gone to bed.”


A door then opens, and a woman appears. She seemed to be an African American woman with confidence about her that you can’t place. Her hair lengthened out with several colored strain of hair. “Well looks like you are going to be the little Young Guardian.” She looked into Esau’s eyes and said “Rather serious aren’t you? Well come in now I need you as my voluntold secretary. I am your supervisor Ms. Kay.”


Esau nodded and saluted, “Alright ma’am I will do anything you need me to do.” He thought ‘Perfect now I am going to be some secretary.’ He entered the door but then a thought came to his head. “There is something…that I want to know,…it’s as if I need to talk to her about something.” He observed the entire room, and it was full of mirrors. So much Esau looked at her eyes “Ma’am…have you taken those Bender Drugs?” Esau wanted to hit herself ‘Damn why do I feel like I said the wrong question.’


Ms. Kay nodded as she reabsorbed herself with her work, “Yeah, I was a user at one time. Though not by choice. Some shit gangsters put a large ass dose of the serum on me. Instead of making me into some trans-gendered gal they longed for they made me into a full on, girl.” She looked at Esau as her eyes had glowed, “I didn’t have a choice on my identity kid. I was kind of thrown in as being a woman kid.” She looked at Esau, “But I accepted the truth that I won’t change back. I am what I am.”


Esau then said “Couldn’t you have just you have got another change or some surgery? I mean It is possible If I am correct?” He was now curious, but something was attracting him to Kay. With Kay for some reason just smiling. “I mean I would try to change back.”


Kay smiled as she heard the young Esau. She then replied “Kid? I should change back?” She sighed “Well I can’t. I wish I could, but I have no choice but to stay like this. I didn’t have a choice on which identity to choose. Not like young folk.” She had a small laugh, “I know you are facing the same thing.”


Esau looked confused but for some reason worried, “What do you mean?”


Kay smiled as she then said “You know the kid I have the power to see the truth. This includes a person’s form. I have these mirrors around me to show the world. But also the actual reality of what they are in their hearts.” She looked at Esau, but her eyes told her a different vision of the young man. “You to me are a confused girl.”


Esau then said, “What do you mean? I am just a young man trying to survive this world.” He sighed as he then said “Yeah, sometimes I thought I was in a woman’s body for a moment. But then the thought had faded away.”


Kay smiled as she seen what was the truth to Esau, “Have you ever thought that you were a woman before you were a man?” Kay had a coy smile as she looked at Esau. To her, she had seen a girl about his height with the curly hair, curvy body and the face of someone of the dead. “I knew your mother and your father. I had told them the truth. I told them what I saw. About the truth about you. They believed me. They respected me.”


Esau looked in the eyes of Kay. Her eyes finally had glowed like they were no more than centers of light. A light that pierced through his eyes and his heart. Esau then said, “I don’t know what type of meta are you…but…” He wanted to say that she was wrong. All she was wrong. For once he was silent. He had nothing to say but then a truth came to his mind, was there…some truth to the words she was saying? Was he in denial?


Kay's eyes softened to a normal hue. She had the eyes of a caring woman “You can tell me anything. I am not here to harm you. I was sent to help you. I know the hell that you are going through. Fighting two identities at once. Don’t put yourself through that hell. It will destroy you. It would break you. I heard the amount of work that you had done and how hard you push yourself. The pain you put yourself that is so severe that you wreck your body and kill yourself every time. You are trying to hide your true self. You are trying to hide…Elsa.” She then came over and patted Esau’s shoulder, “Who are you?”


Esau then said “Elsa…I am Elsa…”


Kay smiled and then hugged ‘her’ “That is a start.”


Later in the Guardians’ Base.


Esau works out again. He remembered what Kay had told her. That…maybe inside he or she was Elsa. The truth was with Elsa. Esau hated but at the same time wanted it. His emotions seem to be in a rut. He then benched a weight that was 300 hundred pounds of total weight. He would go back to his work to forget about Elsa, to forget about himself.


He was a man. He had to be a man for his family. For his siblings and for everyone he had known. As he lifted the weights, he had roared, “Ahhh!” He was going to forget he was going to work harder. So that he could be Esau. So he..or she could be a man. “I am….I am!”


As he began to yell and began to feel his power again. Someone yelled, “A total idiot!”


Esau then felt that he could not hold the 300 pounds of weight anymore. He felt his arms finally collapsing from overwork and exertion. He was finished.


The voice came and said “JUNIPER!”


Esau then was shocked as he became Elsa. The girl. Could he or she finally be herself? She felt the weights come down on her.


A woman with platinum blonde hair and a leotard came picked up the weight as if it were paper. It was Emily or rather Ms. Blitzen “Elsa what the hell are you doing!? Did Esau overwork himself again?” She looked around and seen misplaced weights and the longest time with the treadmill. But on Elsa’s face is exhausted beyond measure.


Elsa then said “I tried to escape the truth I tried to work it away…” She seemed not to be able to move without any pain.”


Emily picked her up, “Damn Elsa what the fuck? You are trying to work yourself to death? Goddamn it!” Emily brought her to the sauna and placed her there. She took off her outfit and sat down in the Sauna. “You know what I don’t give a damn sometimes.” She closed her eyes “Maybe I don’t know you should stay like that it might hurt you a lot of pain. I mean Jesus sometimes you acted more like a girl to me. I don’t me being a whiney bitch that is present between guys and chicks. You are confused.”


Elsa looked over and said to Emily, “What do you mean?”


Emily smiled a bit, “You always seemed to act like you were in the middle. Sometimes I think like a girl and sometimes like a dude. Maybe you have to stay like Elsa for a bit. I mean sometimes you seem to have the most fun like that when you actually chill. When you are Esau, you are always tense like there is always a problem with you. Like…you are always troubled by something.” She looked over to the eyes of Elsa, “Have you ever found out on who you were? I mean you can be honest with me, and I know you already broke up with Sarah. But for now, I need to know if you hide something.”


Elsa looked down and felt her heart beat faster and said “I tried to love Sarah as my only girl. But my eyes fleeted as both men and women. Sometimes I thought as Esau and looked at girls, but to me, Sarah was the most beautiful. But then I thought like Elsa and….I saw cute guys that I wanted. But I felt shame on looking at them. I didn’t want Sarah to be hurt. I just wanted to leave out of fear. I think I just wanted to run away.”


Emily looked up and smiled a bit “Blah, blah, blah you are whining again. Like always. You know what Elsa; I am not the perfect person. I wish I were perfect, and I could do some insane shit as well.” Gone over and hugged Elsa, “But I have some wisdom as well. Something that not everyone recognizes sometimes.” She sighed “I know that I might not be your sister by blood. But by spirit I am…me, and Ellie was worried about you. She and I felt that you needed to spend more time as Elsa and to stop running away from yourself. We feared that you are hurting yourself.”


Elsa was silent and allowed Emily to talk.


Emily sighed a bit, “Well…maybe try to stay like Elsa for a while…like several months. Maybe you can find something about yourself you never knew about yourself. It could help I don’t know. Also, Maddie told me to tell you that you need to rest for 3 weeks. It is a mandatory vacation. You just need to heal your body.”


Elsa nodded for some reason she was okay with that. “Okay…”. She didn’t know why she agreed with all this she should’ve been fighting not being able to do anything.


Emily smirked a bit “You promise that you will do that for me? Will you please?”


Elsa nodded and cried a bit “I will. I promise.” She relaxed and closed her eyes to allow the steam to take her away to a comforting place.


Later Elsa returned to her bedroom alone. She was greeted by her dogs Lina and Song. That were coming over her for their attention. Elsa pets them “Thank you so much, babies. I am glad you…are here for me.” She hugged them a bit and pet them. She cared for them as if they were her own children.


She put a leash on both of them in the indoor gardens of the guardians. She sat down beneath a tree that sometimes she fell asleep under. She often times even contemplated the Bible and the revelations of Christ here. She sometimes forgot that she was an average person. Sometimes it does come back when she tries to bring out her anger in a secluded area.


Elsa looked up and looked up to the heavens. She then said “God, if you are there…I don’t know what to do. I am scared with this formed, but at the same time, it feels right to me. Whatever I wake up as tomorrow I will stay like that to understand why I was chosen to be like that. It’s a promise that…I can at least make.


Elsa closed her eyes for some reason and dozed off to sleep. Whatever happens, after she sleeps with her body will decide if she should stay as a boy or girl for the time being.



The next day Elsa finally had awakened. During this time, she sometimes woke up as a boy and other times a girl. But this time, something felt off. She woke up, and she felt comfortable with it. She had a small smile, “I guess…this is what is chosen for me. I will keep this form for a while. I think for as long as I need".

Angel Falls: Welcome Home
Well this is another story of Elsa/Esau in the Young Guardians. This time trying to find out more about themselves. There he meets a spike and Bender belongs to :icontrekkiegal: This does have some genderbendering but for a purpose. I hope you all enjoy this story. 

The character used in this story are 
:iconknight3000: Maddie and Em 
While Esau, Elsa and Kay (With help from :icontrekkiegal:) belong to me. 
The city takes place in :iconangel-fallsda: 

Hello everyone its me Eris P. I am looking for a journalist or an information of a journalist that they know. I need to interview a journalist either tomorrow or Thursday. If you know anyone or are a journalist please contact me ASAP!  
West End: Enraged beauty by SebastiansSire
West End: Enraged beauty
Well Elsa had finally lost a bet to another friend and has to go into the "2016 Penelope’s Personal Lingerie Brawl Issue". She seems the most ready and maybe uncomfortable with herself, maybe its due to a boyish 'Esau' not liking it. Elsa may be yelling but we are loving her in it. Well enjoy. 

Well this is a lovely rendering done by :iconwhisakedjak: of my character Elsa. I hope you all enjoy and have fun. This is a fun event going on :iconangelfalls-westend: 

Waiting for a test Willing to RP

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 12, 2016, 11:34 AM

Well if anyone wants to RP please contact me, 

Journal CSS made by caybeach
Brushes by gvalkyrie


I am updating the the commission prices and here they are. 

So I am opening 15 dollar commission deals on colored pencils comics (Colored Scale.
The Mirrors tg pg 1 by SebastiansSire The Mirror tg pg 4 by SebastiansSire 
Examples: (Colored Scale) (Grey scale)

10 dollar pin ups (colored scale), 5 dollars for every extra character. 
Ellie Cosplaying as Faye Valentine. by SebastiansSire Angel Falls Young Guardian: Testament AKA Esau by SebastiansSire 

tg sequeces 
A three piece sequence colored picture= $20
A six piece sequence $30 with final separate pinup pic= 35 
a nine piece sequence $45 dollars with final separate pinup=30 dollars 
Sire and the alien tg by SebastiansSire A zappy tg by SebastiansSire Tori tg by SebastiansSire
I thank you again for any commission assistance. 

bee'ak'ihojidlihi (God Bless you)


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