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Here is some of my personal work. Please before I really have to say that before you favorite please comment about it or I zap thee:evillaugh:
So please enjoy yourself:sing:

People that draw charcters or me

What people have drawn characters for me. :D


Here is some pretty awesome pieces of art I found going down in deviantart lately so come and take a look at these pretty cool works of other artists work!!!


Ebonii Unleashed Page 02 by Wrenzephyr2

This is a very good piece of work. It allowed a character to shine like Ebonii. It is priginal being that you don't so much changes to ...


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Doing a TG War design, but what do you think Sebastian should carry on to battle? 

5 deviants said The wonderful M16…
4 deviants said The Angry AK-47…
3 deviants said the no nonsense M-14…
3 deviants said the Mad MP-40…
2 deviants said Or something else, comment to tell me



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Journal Entry: Sat Jan 30, 2016, 5:15 PM

Hello DA! 
If anyone wants to SKYPE Video chat or text chat! I am available today!
If anyone wants my skype name please note me. 
Sebastian Sire

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Angel Falls West End: Hanging at the Pool 


It’s time to rest for two people. One is a taller girl with huge O-cup breasts and an elegant figure that would be considered envious by the women of Angel Falls. On her side is her shorter sister. She, on the other hand, is not walking in a feminine manner whatsoever. Instead, she preserved her boyish step. She was a foot shorter, very buxom (though not as buxom as her sister) and had a very strong, and athletic build. She is frankly beautiful, but nothing to fuck with. Though her arm is not even close to body-builder width and length, it doesn’t need to be. She has natural strength were she can tear a head off if needed. She seems to be more of a martial-artist-fighter type of gal.


But alas these two beauties walk on the beach with the short sister saying, “Why do you even want me as a girl anyway?  I strongly dislike being this way. I am glad I am at least not soft.” She then tries to rearrange her bra failing miserably in a sense.


The taller girl then smacks her in the back of the head, “I swear this is like walking a pit bull around. They are short and strong, but stubborn as all heck.” She then had a small chuckle, “I think I should hit on all the boys, am I right? Elsa?”


Elsa then tried to prevent a snarl in her teeth, “Whatever Ellie, I hate this form, I fought not to be like this. Against a God no less.” She then finished rearranging her bra, “Finally done, I am glad that I don't have to do this anymore, and I would have gone crazy for doing all this.”


Ellie smacked her face. “I swear you could’ve had given a shut-in fapping material for years to come. But here you are considered way too cute by some dudes.” She then smacked Elsa’s ass, “But hey, men would love to see your lovely firm and all natural ass!” She then slapped her own butt, “Don’t worry”. She then blows a kiss in the air, “I have an amazing ass with boobs as well.”


Elsa had a bigger blush, “Whatever! I swear you are just as bad as Em.” She then does a soft imitation of Ellie, “Oh stop touching my boobs!” She then bobbled her breasts, “I don’t want anyone to molest me!” She then released her breasts “Doesn’t that remind you of someone? Doesn’t it? I swear.”


Ellie seemed to be slightly peeved. “Oh wow…” She then whispered, “Hey…Esau…I know I won’t tell everyone that you can turn into a girl with the ‘J’ word.” The word she was trying to say was ‘Juniper’. “If you don’t want me to say that out loud, then you will just shut up and enjoy yourself.” She looked forward and said out loud, “Besides you are already going to just an ordinary angry girl to the legendary but unusually common position of a female dog. Or in layman’s terms ‘bitch’.”


Elsa looked away and then walked forward a bit more, “It doesn’t matter, besides we are here to help this local West End Recreation Services get more people in their pool. So let’s get it done.” She seemed to be keeping herself from snarling and becoming more of a ‘bitch’.


Ellie nodded as she looked around to find a lawn chair, “Well it doesn’t matter. That means we can get free drinks and food at the pool bar. I swear this is a magnificent gig. Besides, we will be in a commercial.” She then hummed a bit.


Elsa sighed, “Whatever, I just wish I could have brought a pistol with me. I feel naked without it.”


Ellie then chuckled, “I swear you might as well be an action chick. Besides, you are good enough with your fists that you might as well beat up Bruce Lee. Hell, I can do that too.” She then stuck her tongue out.


Elsa looked down and over at a few of the visitors at the pool. Most of them are the usual nerds. She then said in an honest manner to her sister Ellie, “Why on Earth are they staring at us?”


Ellie shrugged, as she seemed to be very used to the stares, “Oh get used to it. They are staring at miles of cleavage or us. I doubt they are going to stop staring anytime soon.”


Elsa had a very slight blush in her face, with her muscle memory making her try to draw and find a pistol, “Could a bullet work? It would scare them off.”


Ellie chuckled a bit, and pats Elsa’s back a bit, “Not with the perverts in these parts. They will keep on coming and coming.”

Elsa tried to keep back a defensive stance, “Oh that's bull.”


Ellie then walked over to a lawn chair, “No that's just life.” She then sat down, “We just need to learn how to deal with it.”


Elsa had a blush and sat down, “Well I don’t like it. But seems I got no choice.”



Ellie had a bright smile and patted Elsa’s head, “That’s my sister. Just get used to it, we are always going to be targets of lust. But remember the thing we can’t be is a victim of our fear. Besides, be strong. You are going to deal with it for many years to come.”

Angel Falls West End: Hanging at the pool
Well here is a cool down Angel Falls West End Story. Were somewhere in a pool of West Side two maidens rest. One learns the facts of life, while the other has to teach the other gal. The Maidens Elsa and Ellie hang out today in this cool drop of lovely weather and in a lovely pool. 
This story is connected to this picture Angel Falls: Ellie and Elsa at the Beach by SebastiansSire and takes place in :iconangelfalls-westend: a section in the lovely :iconangel-fallsda: within the local West End Recreation Services.
This story is made by me and edited by :iconpictishwarlord13: 
Well now that I am done with A Lovely End, here is the set of stories of the series. It is my first arc and I hope you all enjoy it. All the characters that are from other people in this set of stories belong to their respective owners and the characters of Esau, Ellie, Elsa and Toram Mal belong to me. Their universe in this anthology of tales is in the city of :iconangel-fallsda: 

Here are the stories: 
Angel Falls: A Lovely End by SebastiansSire Pt 1 
Young Guardians: A lovely End Pt II by SebastiansSire Pt 2
Young Guardians: A Lovely End, Pt 3 by SebastiansSire Pt 3 
Young Guardians: A Lovely End pt 4 by SebastiansSire Pt. 4 
A Lovely End, Solidarity Final Chapter by SebastiansSire Pt. 5, final chapter
9 deviations
A Lovely End, Solidarity Final Chapter by SebastiansSire
A Lovely End, Solidarity Final Chapter
Finally! This story is ending here! Were Esau, Jacob, Blades and Ellie are fighting the final monster and the final form of Toram mal, now be ready to see the end! Its going to be a doozy. Enjoy the Story!

All of this takes place in the city of :iconangel-fallsda: 

All the characters in this story belong to me. 

The editing was done by the incredible :iconpathetic-virgin: 


The forces of Toram Mal were overwhelming. Esau, his Garand Bethany in his hands, mutters, “Dammit”. He’d barely fought through the outer defenses of the land of Toram Mal. The enemies were ruthless and unforgiving. “Dammit, they are all over the place.” 

A loud voice goes through his ears, “What do you expect? These were warriors who served this being for generations!” Then the rifle rises and turns into a woman. “Besides, we aren’t fighting no Jerry! These are old school warriors”. She seems to have a chuckle. “Besides, you are lucky you have me generated with some extra juice and a nice bayonet.”

Esau nods. “Isn’t that the truth.” In his scale armor, he kept on walking and stalking. Being left alone with his friend is difficult. He just needs to keep on going. “I want just to charge through, but I can’t.” He walks about and sees several guards surrounding the land. He is waiting for an attack. 

Outside he hears the attack going on. An inhuman roar, a mad laugh, and a mechanical machine go through the enemies. Esau looks shocked and said, “What the? What is that?!” 

The gopher smiles. “Well, I can’t help but laugh. They are your family and your enemy killing everything that is against you. We are going to the big boss.” The Gopher laughs, “The great enemy”. The Gopher then does a squeak, and a tunnel appears, “Come on in. They are going to distract the enemy. Deelgeed is nearby.” 

Esau enters the underground. He looks around the dank darkness. He observes the bones of several warriors and possibly his allies. 

As Esau walked deeper into the darkness of the final tunnel, he hears a familiar voice, “So you are defying everything I send to you. I must say, your soul is an extremely powerful one. Who knew that your dead sister would have defended you so? For now, it seems you come to me, with that gun of your ancestors. It appears that I will have to drain your humanity and break you myself.” The eyes then look and from the shadow, Toram Mal appears. 

He was covered by blood, and around him was the screaming of those sacrificed to him, “Well now, it is time to break you and send you to complete servitude in my realm.” He then looks at Esau with his refined form. Toram Mal had a large and defined golden crown over his head. “Now you might have your soul destroyed if you go too far.” 

Around him are women, his priestesses of the past in chains and blindfolded. They chant the chants of darkness and evil. Esau looked around him and sighs. “So you are their god of death and destruction.” He looks at the faces of the ancient priestesses who are suffering for their choices and avarice. “I will free them. Is it my purpose here? I don’t know, but to gain what I lost, I will destroy you.” 

Toram Mal smiles as now the energy surrounds him. The power of the Gods was now about to awake in a terrible notion. His body then began to change in a formless shape. It tries to wrap around Esau. “Now then, little boy, let us play as the gods would.” Everything seems to change all over him with the mists made of gold and silver. It is a sight to behold. If it were not an enemy, it would almost be angelic. 

But Esau remains unaffected as several images of Toram Mal surround him. He tried to aim his rifle. “Damn it, stand still, coward!” He was getting angrier “Why don’t you fight me like a man!” 

Toram Mal laughs and jokes with Esau, “Poor little child, you are foolish to think I would fight for you.” He then transforms into a giant canine-like beast and prepares to chase Esau, “But I will play with you before I eat.” His teeth became like sabers as he charges at the young man. 

Esau stops running with Bethany yelling in his ears, “FIRE ME NOW!” 

Esau complies and fires a single shot at the canine beast. It hits home but the creature does not fall dead. Instead, Toram Mal reforms back to a humanoid shape. But this time, he is close enough to strike. He delivers several punches to Esau’s gut. They come at him so fast and so sure that Esau might have been fighting in slow motion compared to this deity. He tries to see the hands striking, but hardly sees a glimpse of them. After Toram Mal stops, Esau was thrown back several feet with Bethany in his hand. 

Toram Mal laughs and says, “Oh please. I could kill you in seconds. Last time, it was fun; you caught me off guard when we met. But now, I am here to have fun. By the end of this, your soul will be forfeit!” He then teleports and punches Esau in the back as he tries to rise. “See this is the sign of your real inferiority.” He has a laugh again as his power just increased. He walks in front of Esau, his skin a lustrous gold, showing the power of the Gods. 

Esau rises with Bethany yelling, “Hey Esau, do something about him! I don’t think you can last too long at this rate!” 

Esau looks over at the God, “I can do this”. He coughs up some blood. “Damn, he has a good punch.” 

But then a small voice whispers in Esau’s ears. It is the Gopher. “Why are you fighting like a normal mortal? You have the armor of Monster Slayer on, His blade, and even a rifle fit for a God. Why are you not fighting as they? You have been blessed with it.“ 

Esau then gulps as he takes his rifle and closes his eyes. “Damn….” 

Esau hears the voice of Beth in his ears. “Hey, he has a point. Why don’t we go out of the ordinary and kick the living hell out of this asshole! Or are you scared? Like a baby chicken.” 

Esau replies, “I am no chicken, and I will not lose to this false god!” He then closes his eyes. For some reason, he sees Ellie was fighting the hordes and becoming overwhelmed by the madness. But then his heartbeat and hers become in sequence. In their battles they stop and start to dance. As they did, their power increase and become more concentrate, as if they were receiving a gift from the heavens, from the Holy people. 

Toram Mal smiled as he watches the young man dance. He knows now two beings are now becoming what they should’ve been when entering his realm. Gods. Toram Mal smiles more as he then declares, “What is your fellow name God! What is your forgotten name?” He seems not to care that he was supposed to subjugate this person; that would be for later. Now he will have an actual fight on his hand. 

Esau, in front of him, has an urge to say something and allows himself to say it. “I am an Angel of the Lord. I am The Star Who Chases the Sun during the Day boy or for Short ‘Star Chasing Boy’. I am here to wreak the vengeance of my master upon you. Your crimes are various, for the enslavement of the innocent and the unwilling. For the awakening and creation of life without the Master of Life’s consent. You will go to the Inferno for such evil.” He looks over as now the world is changing at the whim of his power. 

Toram Mal had a smile. “Oh wow, this is amazing! When I defeat you, I will truly have such a useful servant.” His powers flare; now the battle can begin. 

While in the fight of the hordes, Ellie’s receives her power. She lands and then uses her rifle and shoots the enemy with massive blasts of her gun, incinerating them. “Damn straight, call me Shooting Girl! Simple name, but one hell of a kick.” Ellie has a broad smile as she starts to wreck everything into pieces. The Warriors are falling to her like dominos. 

Jacob looks at his sister and said, “Damn….she is ruthless.” He raises his blade and cuts through more enemies. “I know that we aren’t going to live forever! So that means that I need to cut more!” Jacob follows his sister in cutting the enemy down. His eyes are turning to madness and mania. The warriors of Toram Mal are now in full retreat. 

Blades came out of the blood from his feasting and said, “Man, Ellie, I must say you are fucking hot now. I want to bang you silly than eat you. Need to preserve the taste.” 

Jacob hits him. “Dude, that’s my sister!”

They continue to the halls of where Esau does battle with Toram Mal. But from the distance, they see a spectacle, two sparkling lights clashing with each other. They are doing their final battle. Two gods doing battle and hoping to end it then and there. Ellie said, “Wow….that is incredible!” She sits down and watches as Esau and Toram Mal attack each other with massive projectiles and with a spear and bayonet. Ellie had a flash of premonition, and she yells at Jacob and Blades, “GET DOWN!” She then drops on her stomach and as she closes her eyes, three exact copies of the rifle appear and she fires at Toram Mal, Hitting him several times. He let out a great yell of pain; he was not expecting such a fight. 

Toram Mal lands on his two feet. Looking at Ellie, he says, “A woman like you should not be fighting a man’s battle.” He then looks both at Esau and Ellie. “Well, I don’t want it to be too much of a Sausage feast.” He then glows as he releases his energy and turns Esau into a girl yet again. “Better. Never was too much of a fan of men, you know. It’s good for some days. But I am not a Greek; women are superior for most matters.” 

‘Esau’ laughs. “Either way, you are a coward.” Another burst of energy returns Esau to his previous form. “But nonetheless, I rather not joke around in a bitter battle for my soul.” 

Then Jacob yells, “Yeah, you say that, but I get turned to a gal with an ass the size of Mount Olympus, you a-holes! Look how it shakes!” 

Blades laughs. “At least your legs are not as long as the Golden Gate Bridge! Besides, I like how I look. I can kill them with a good view.” 

Ellie slaps her face. “Oh god, why am I fighting with idiots!” Toram Mal’s eyes glow and turn Jacob and Blades back to normal. 

Toram Mal laughs again. “Oh, this is almost a joke.” But then his eyes shine with a deep red color. “But now I must destroy you. Four against one is such unfair odds against what you are all about to face.” His neck begins to twist and crack as his bones shift. 

Blades looks up and has a smile, a devilish cannibal smile. “Oh my, we are facing an actual monster. A forgotten monster. A giant.” 

Esau looks up, aims his rifle, and fires. But the bullets bounce off the transforming being. Toram Mal becomes bigger, larger and more monstrous. Esau can only spurt out, “Oh wow, this is going to be fun.” 

The voice of Bethany laughs. “Oh yeah, fun. Looks like we are going to face a billion foot tall behemoth!” 

Jacob, on the other hand, has a joyful smile. He waves his sword in the air, “As the blade Joyous, my blade will extend its Justice on evil.” He does a senseless war cry, ready to take on the enemy. He is not scared like Esau or Ellie. Oh no, he’s salivating at the chance to be the warrior. 

Esau and Ellie gulp. but see Jacobs’s mindset. He knows this is a war, and they can’t hold back. For now, it’s their turn. Esau and Ellie then yell in a war cry of their own. It may be childish to some people, but this is a manner in which to make them ready for this final encounter. Even Blades joins in; it’s time for a showdown. 

The Monster finishes forming into a great horned beast. It’s roar is so powerful that it tears through space and time itself, taking them from the world of the Gods to Angel Falls. Esau looks around and sees that they were in the middle of downtown Angel Falls “Oh lord…what the hell?” Esau aims his rifle around and then looks up. 

Toram Mal’s true form is then revealed. It is the monster of the past, Déélgééd. It's goat-like limbs carries it’s gigantic bulky body. It’s large head had giant and sharp horns and snarling teeth. It then roars in the Navajo language, “<You children have nothing to go against me! You are of the descendants of Naayééʼ Neizghání! Death will become of you, and I will consume you. Then the rest of the city will become my new realm and be full of blood for your foolishness.” He then roars again as he banishes Blades from the battle area before looking at the siblings, “<All of you will perish now. I will not be bothered by you again>.”

He began to charge into the city buildings and after Esau, Jacob, and Ellie. They all run away from Deelgeed as he charges through. Ellie yells, “Wow, now we have to kill a giant beast! I’d rather fought the standard sized god.” 

Jacob smiles as he runs. “I don’t mind, but we need to get a damned footing! If we keep on running, we are fucking Monster chow!” 

The Gopher, though, has made a tunnel and says, “Come in here! Listen to me and you will all be able to kill Deelgeed. He will be destroyed! Follow me!” 

The three siblings nod in agreement as they enter the hole of the Gopher. The Massive beast tries to root his enemy after he has his fill, by stomping, digging, and thrusting with his massive horns. He ends up just yelling and roaring, “<Siblings! Rise against me! Allow me to consume you!>.” He then charges the buildings, trying to find the siblings. He has lost the reasoning and the real mind concept of Toram Mal, and become a beast in the truest sense of the word. 

Meanwhile Esau, Ellie, and Jacob follow the Gopher. Then the monster stops, yells again, and lowers its horns again for its second search. Esau says, “Alright, Gopher. What the hell are we going to do now?” 

Ellie looks up and thought, “Well, we can always go attack under the beast’s armpit. If I remember the stories right, that are where Monster Slayer pierced it to kill this beast the first time.” 

Jacob says, “Oh yeah, so we got to get this guy in the pits! Sounds easy enough.” He smiles as now he is ready and able to kill the beast. 

The Gopher chirps, “That is where we are going. When I open up, you fire your weapons and throw your blade. But for helping you, allow me to decorate myself with his fur and blood around my face. As a reminder and to make me more beautiful.” 

Esau nods. “Deal”. He watches as the Gopher digs a hole and jumps on Deelgeed. He began to sing as a signal to attack. 

Esau looks up and hears a heartbeat as Bethany whispers, “That oversized rodent is right, you know. Fire me and let me kill it.” 

Esau nods and yells at his siblings, “Attack now!”

Ellie yells, “Go for broke!” She fires so many rounds in the beast it was not funny, while Jacob throws his precious sword to kill the monster.

Esau aims and fires. “Thank you. Now I am free again.” 

The Monster Deelgeed starts to dissipate and Toram Mal falls. Before he disappears, the Gopher takes some of his skin, washes his face in the blood, and then runs off. 

Then as the dissipation ends, a light blinds Esau and Ellie. When they’re sight returns, they are in a pleasant room. Esau looks around and sweeps his weapon left to right. “Alright, where are we? Where is Jacob?” 

Ellie looks around and drops her weapon. “I don’t know, I think…well, we are in an area where time and space meet. I don’t know; we just defeated a god. We must have broken the universe or something.” She merely then sits down and waits. “Well, I think we have to hold on, bro.” 

Esau looks at Ellie. “Since when did you start calling me bro?” He sits down with his M-1 in hand. 

Ellie smiles and lays down. “Since ever. Besides, we are two different people, remember that? We don’t have the so-called ‘solidarity’, never did and never will.” She looks at Esau and tosses him her cellphone with a photo of her and Esau’s other gal form, Elsa. “You know, it’s weird. I remember it as it had happened. You were cute, especially with how embarrassed you were; the duck face suited you.” She lets out a small snicker. “Though Em had a chance to mess with your tatas for once, not my poor little girls.” 

Esau blushes. “Yeah, I remember. Hey, wait, that never...wait, it did happen. Must be the changing of times. Still…it was a wild experience. Maybe you are right to an extent. The Lord is fixing things now in his name or he might have planned this all along.” He then begins to think deeply. 

Ellie, though, has keep things realistic. “Cool it. If we were supposed to know, we would have known. Besides, maybe after we die, we can ask him or her, whatever God looked like in real life. Maybe Jesus will come and say it in a Fonzie sort of way.” She smiles as she closes her eyes. “Either way, Esau, I think we will be alright.” 

Esau looks down and blushes. “Alright, hope you are right. At least, I am a dude; that’s all that counts to me.” 

Ellie then thinks of a word and says, “Juniper.” 

Esau cringes as a short gal with big breasts appeared in his place. “Dang it, Ell! What did you do?” 

Ellie has to laugh. “Made you cuter. Besides I think I kind of like you in that form. You know we need to have some girl time sometimes.” 

‘Elsa’ seems peeved. “No fair. I wanna decide what I want to be.”

Ellie then says ‘Juniper’ again. “Well, I already know some personality differences.” She then chuckles. “Either way, all we have to do is wait. Besides, think of this ordeal like this, you already have a cool power to my opinion.” She begins to sing an old anime theme song, “You can turn to a gal and back. Talk about Nadleeh, you are the real deal. You can cross two worlds.” 

Esau blushes deeply, “This is supposed to be an existential event, right?” 

Ellie nods. “It is.”

Esau then replies, “Then why do I not want to talk about this part to no one else? Maybe because it is too embarrassing and I do know it might cause more problems.”

Ellie then gets and pats her brother on the shoulder. “Well it doesn’t matter, Esau. We are ourselves. Besides, you will always be my little bro.” She then hugs Esau from behind.

He sighs a bit and says, “Fine, sis, but remember I am still the older brother.” He seems calm as the memories are now coming into sync. These two to everyone are their people. 

Meanwhile in the distance, a painter is painting the scene of the two siblings. “Oh, this is perfect! The storyboard worked out perfectly! I wish my son were here, but alas he is busy, and I can’t stop him.” The painter stops and walks to his studio, carrying the painting. Behind his long beard and dark complexion, His eyes show the joyful love of a successful artist. “Well, I will allow them to wake up in a room together. You know I love happy endings. I always do.” 

He makes one final brushstroke on the image and then places it with so many that shows change, love, hope, war, tragedy, and most of all, compassion. He walks off and sings from an old spiritual about compassion and then fades back into the light continuing his work. 

It is an eclipse, after all, so he will have a lot of help. 
Ellie wakes up in her room in the Guardians base. She yawns as she stretches herself. She can’t go outside as there is an eclipse today and the world is being remade and colored, or so the old ways say. She looks around and smiles. “Wow, back home from fighting a deity, and this is how we spend the party day? Sleeping?” She smiles as even all the dogs were in the room laying down. It seems cute to her. 

Her brothers Esau and Jacob seem to be still asleep in their dreams, with the oldest dog Hank lying next to them. While she smiles as Esau’s pooches Song and Lina are laying down with Esau and Jacobs’ dog Brutus, who is laying on Jacob’s belly. Even her own dog, George the Ovcharvka, is not caring about anything in the world. 

She rubs her head as she was thinking about a wild of the dream of once being one with Esau’s body, if you can believe that. But luckily that was a dream. Maybe her dog was there to give her comfort. She pats the giant dog’s head softly. “Well buddy, guess we can rest for now. No one is after us today.” 

She doesn’t sing or anything, just smiles. She hopes the eclipse would end. Then maybe they can go outside and see the new world that was made as they are cooped up inside. Well, at least a lot of the family is here. She smiled and lay back. “At least this is a lovely end.” 

The End.

Invitation to Skype Video or text chat!

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 30, 2016, 5:15 PM

Hello DA! 
If anyone wants to SKYPE Video chat or text chat! I am available today!
If anyone wants my skype name please note me. 
Sebastian Sire

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I am updating the the commission prices and here they are. 

So I am opening 15 dollar commission deals on colored pencils comics (Colored Scale.
The Mirrors tg pg 1 by SebastiansSire The Mirror tg pg 4 by SebastiansSire 
Examples: (Colored Scale) (Grey scale)

10 dollar pin ups (colored scale), 5 dollars for every extra character. 
Ellie Cosplaying as Faye Valentine. by SebastiansSire Angel Falls Young Guardian: Testament AKA Esau by SebastiansSire 

tg sequeces 
A three piece sequence colored picture= $20
A six piece sequence $30 with final separate pinup pic= 35 
a nine piece sequence $45 dollars with final separate pinup=30 dollars 
Sire and the alien tg by SebastiansSire A zappy tg by SebastiansSire Tori tg by SebastiansSire
I thank you again for any commission assistance. 

bee'ak'ihojidlihi (God Bless you)


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Thanks for the :+fav: on West End Weekend 01/30/16 by WhisakedJak .
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Wow and now thank you for the watch! I'm honored ^^
Mistress--Phoenix Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the visit! *waves happily*
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Thank you :)
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No problem Mohab, you do some pretty good work man! Hope you get better as you go! 
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Thanks a lot :) I am trying to improve, it needs practice I guess :D
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again, Sireontip/SebastiansSire, traditional/digital anime artist dude! :highfive:
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Good luck once again, dude, and I hope you'll have a great b-day today!
And once again, keep up the good work on all awesome anime art 'n drawings; I love 'em too! :dalove:
I hope you had a wonderful 'Merry Christmas,' Christmas Tree but I'll wish you a wonderful 'Happy New Year's 2016! Party
Thumbs Up Pringles Have your cake and eat it too Yummy pie!

11:05 P.M.
Los Angeles, CA ;) (Wink)

Since I got you a chibi Haruhi drawing last year, I got an extra drawing copy, so...
Believe it or not, another birthday muro drawing copy I made of Mikuru Asahina wishing you one, so, wishes 'n' luck!
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Happy Birthday! :D
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M-merry chrismasu~
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