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Angel Falls: Legend by SebastiansSire Angel Falls: Legend by SebastiansSire
Angel Falls Legend:
Everywhere, Ashkii pondered. He felt as the Devil had pounded on his mind all his life. Whether it be in the form of Coyote or any other name, it made him and other people suffer. But anger had always been his downfall. How he has been victim and made victims of other people. He has a tear for the poor people that got in his way for his revenge. Ashkii killed many innocent people to do so on the way. He is not sorry he’s done it; though he regrets it, he can’t change anything.

He stands on top of the lonely apartment building where he lives in Angel Falls and prays on Navajo, “<Grieve for me, for I would grieve for you. Then brush away the sorrow and the tears, Life is not over, but begins anew. With courage you must greet the coming years. To live forever in the past is wrong; it can only cause you misery and pain. Dwell not on memories overlong. With others you must share and care again. Reach out and comfort those who comfort you; Recall the years, but only for a while. Nurse not your loneliness; but live again. Forget not. Remember with a smile.>” Those were the only words some of the elders said after the death of his mother and then his family after Bosque Redondo, after the Hweeldi (Time of Suffering).

Revenge, Ashkii though, was his only goal in life. He can’t simply let go. Ashkii only thinks out loud, “Why is this fire in my heart? Why can’t I extinguish it, even when it burns to a point I can’t hope to survive?” The revenge that was created was mainly for his mother but also for the dead countless lovers that many men took away and killed. All his friends, even the first meta-humans, who were not of the white world had been murdered or put on reservations. All were put away in the past.

Ashkii can’t help but shed a tear for his forgotten friends. Even today as he looked through the databases of supervillains of the past in the American West, almost all were his dead friends. His brother from his first marriage, Wakhiya, an honest man defending his people, but labeled a class S villain is but one example. He sees he was the highest of all villains as a grade D or a man whom death would make the hero seen as good rather than bad. Ashkii only chuckles at the irony of the system.

Years from now, the bad guys and evil men will be given a new fresh light. But those that are heroes in a different people than the dominant culture will always be villains. That is how this pointless city sees him. Even as he sits atop the building, he occasionally sees meta-humans fly across to check him. Ashkii smiles, “Too bad they don’t fly by to talk.” He looks again to the air.

Then he feels footsteps come behind him. The man approaching him was a large black man with black hair and brown eyes. His arms were made of metal. He approaches Ashkii and says, “Man, I thought you were a legend, a myth. But after one of my buddies hacked into the Guardians database, they found that you might exist here. It’s weird, but I thought you would hide yourself better.”

Ashkii smiles and responds calmly, “If I wanted to, I could hide in plain sight but I didn’t feel like it today. But why does me being a legend concern you? “

The man smiles a bit, “What else can I say? The Occupant told me to defeat something that is stronger than any man. But to see you, I don’t think you are strong.”

Ashkii gets up, “Well, I may not seem strong to your eyes, but trust me I am much more dangerous than you think. But things happen.” Ashkii smiles at the man known as Cyborg Mikey and suddenly he disappears.

Cyborg Mikey looks around and yells, “Now this is fucked up! I swear I had that guy cornered!!!” He looks around and he smacks a head-sized fist into his other hand. “Ashkii! Where are you? I am not done with you yet!!!!”

As Ashkii appears again in front of Cyborg Mikey, this time with a Desert Eagle Pistol, he smiles. “Such a sad fated person. You are a being of your own arrogance and anger. A sad fate, a fate you share with me.”

Cyborg Mikey smiles and says, “Bullets? Seriously? I’m immune to that shit.”

Ashkii laughs at his response and then he speaks, “A shame. It would’ve been quick.” Ashkii pulls out his favorite close hand to hand weapon, a Navajo War club, and hits him right in the chest. Even though he is not a superhuman, he makes Cyborg Mikey lose his breath and he kneels on the ground.

Cyborg Mikey yells, “What the hell!!? I thought you are just human!!!!? A puny fucking human with no strength, just a legend behind him!!!”

Ashkii kneels beside him. “It is not about strength that is needed to kill people. It is the ability to end lives. “

Cyborg Mikey stands up, hurt but instead of showing pain, he is smiling. “Then I won’t hold back!!!” He yells, and then quickly punches Ashkii in the chest, making him fly back to the next building. Ashkii feels the pain but only for a moment. A normal man would’ve died from such a punch. But Ashkii can take it; he just needs to land right. Ashkii sees Cyborg Mikey dive right at him, the confidence and arrogance he sees in this ravaging machine-man. It’s too much of a reflection to him.

As Cyborg Mikey falls down to the earth with Ashkii, they are gaining in an even angle. It’s Ashkii’s chance, so he grabs the arm and with the momentum, he climbs up and gets on the cyborg’s back. As the ground comes closer, Ashkii slams him down in the middle of the street, creating a crater.
Ashkii yells, “Down, you damned monster!!”

Ashkii walks away in victory or so it seems. Cyborg Mikey arises from the crater more pissed than ever, “Damn it!! This is my new outfit, you Asshole!!! Now you are gonna die. Legend or not, you are dead!! DEAD!!! DEAD!!! DEAD!!!” Cyborg Mikey charges senselessly. He is not focused anymore only angered. He wants to kill Ashkii and do it well. Everything is gonna be destroyed and after Cyborg Mikey is done, he is gonna laugh.

Ashkii watches and feels vulnerable for the first time in a while. Then Ashkii closes his eyes and then it glows, in his mind he hears a voice, “With thunder, I will give you this day and cast down the wicked.” A bolt of lightning covers Ashkii with a veil of thunder. Ashkii has had this happened before. A being from the heavens has given him a gift.

Cyborg Mikey stops. He is at awe of what he just seen. He has heard the legends in the lore of the hero’s. Where the villain Ashkii had often had powers that came out of evil means .Vanquishing all who opposed from him. Then they disappeared. He chuckles, “Man, the legends could be real on what you are; a monster, a simple fucking monster, with no humanity only a drive to move forward and a killer of the greatest heroes.” He chuckles and says something arrogant. “Why don’t you join us? We invite people like you. Hell, maybe you’ll be my whipping boy.”

Ashkii looks at him with the glowing eyes and the visible electric field around him, “You know not of the past. Only your future. A lie you live in where you kill mercilessly and hurt many men, women, and children. You and the heroes you hate are no better than the Calvary men who sent my family to death. I don’t like you; I should end your life right here.”

Cyborg Mikey smiles a terrible and cruel smile, “Then it is no use. I think I will have to terminate you by my leader’s orders!! Beside that lighting is only fake!!”

Cyborg Mikey charges and Ashkii only replies, “Then, I will punish you.” Ashkii takes out a long blade that seems to have rainbows covering it and slashes Cyborg Mikey’s legs. This time he has a more audible yell, filling the air with the scream of fear, pain, and horror as he falls on the ground. Ashkii moves closer and touches him. The electric field makes Cyborg Mikey stop moving for a bit and instead of the face of confidence, he has the face of fear. Ashkii pulls out his colt revolver and fires at the head of Cyborg Mikey and misses intentionally to cause him fear. The field of lighting disappears, the glowing eyes terminate themselves.

Cyborg Mikey sees the madness in the normal eyes of Ashkii as he steps in. Ashkii grabs his head and smiles, “I want to show you something. It’s something I learned from my cruel friends.”

Suddenly as Ashkii breathes deeply, a rush of thoughts goes through the eyes of Cyborg Mikey as if all the evil he has done has come back to haunt him. He yells, “What the FUCK!!? Make this stop!! MAKE THIS STOP!! AHHHH!!!!!!”

As Ashkii walks away he smiles and thinks, ‘He needs to calm down. It’s only gonna last a day. Besides why do I have to be the only one to suffer the devils pain? Let it spread out. Allow those of evil and unrighteousness, both from hero and villain alike’. All he knows is that it’s time to let the cat out of the bag; He does not need those other tormenting spirits to do so. It’s time for him to take justice more on his hands.
Well here is another story taking place in :iconangel-fallsda:

This time Ashkii meets Cyborg Mikey (belongs to :iconpathetic-virgin:
and well they get in the fight you seen here. So enhoy and please leave some comments so I can improve.

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moxiee Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
He's a bit anti-social but I like that.
Paudraic Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Interesting character.
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